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PTA Global (PTAG) is a collaboration of highly experienced fitness professionals, academics, communication experts and psychologists, many of whom are internationally renowned speakers and authors.

PTA GlobalThis amazing coming together of minds took the education of fitness professionals in a new direction, one which positioned YOU the client, and not the fitness professional, at the heart of everything that is taught.

Before PTAG, education within the fitness industry typically focused on the human body and its physical needs, on the exercise sciences, on hard selling the “benefits” of regular exercise, and on telling the client what he or she “should” do.

PTAG saw a gap that desperately needed filling if fitness professionals were to deliver what clients really wanted and needed, and to deliver it in a way that would engage, motivate and excite them and keep them on track to reach their goals.

The PTA Global approach

PTAG recognised that the true success of a fitness professional lies with his or her ability to connect with clients and truly get to know them.  So an understanding of the behavioural sciences and a much greater focus on the human being, not just the human body, become an integral part of what PTAG teaches and practices.

Other industry educators have since adopted a similar approach, testament to how successful, rewarding and comprehensive the PTAG education is.

If you are looking for a personal trainer then I hope you find someone who connects with you, shows concern for your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing, and who constantly strives to deliver what you want and need.

Thank you

In August 2016 I became one of seventeen Ambassadors for PTA Global, a role I’m extremely proud of and honoured to hold.  I’m also excited to announce that my first contribution to the PTAG blog was published this week: “The lessons my clients have taught me.”  The perfect opportunity to thank my clients for being the great teachers that you are!

Deborah Savin-Curnier

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