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What is corrective exercise?

If our bodies performed exactly as they were designed to there would be no need for corrective exercise.  Whether walking down the street, picking up a child, hitting a tennis ball or performing a squat in the gym, our body’s movements should happen because a group of muscles works in harmony, each with their specific […]

What PTA Global brings to you, the client

  PTA Global (PTAG) is a collaboration of highly experienced fitness professionals, academics, communication experts and psychologists, many of whom are internationally renowned speakers and authors. This amazing coming together of minds took the education of fitness professionals in a new direction, one which positioned YOU the client, and not the fitness professional, at the heart […]

Behaviour change in exercise

I’m very proud to announce that I’ve been awarded the honour and privilege of becoming a PTA Global Ambassador.  What does this mean?  Put simply, Movéo Fitness is living by and promoting to others PTA Global’s vision, core values and mission: “To passionately enhance the Health and Fitness Industry, creating success through enjoyment, education, and leadership for the […]

Finding the motivation to exercise

“I may regret not doing a workout, but I’ll never regret having done it.” This phrase came to me at the end of a workout that for some reason I’d struggled to get to.  I don’t remember what obstacles had got in my way, or what I might have had to give up to be […]